Hedy Lamarr, Ziegfeld Girl, 1941. 

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Finished two commissions for Halloween orders <3 I haven’t made a Wendy since I made mine years ago, so it was nice to be able to take what I learned and create a new one. I had to make that in a rush so I bought the fabric around 6pm and by 1am I had the dress and bow packed after taking these photo XD Not recommended but doable.
Also new color for this Alice since they took away the “Cornflower” blue I loved at Joanns *still morning the loss of that color* but this is closer to the movie color so not a terrible replacement at least


Halloween Costumes in Dennison’s Bogie Book, 1922

Doctor Who “Mummy on the Orient Express”

Want that dress? Go get it at Unique Vintage!

PS. It also comes in plus size!

Dealing with costume judge deliberations that are 2-3 hours long after the presentations ended

This first year I sat in the hallway hungry for 3 hours:

Every year after that:


Don’t look at me with an annoyed face when I walk across the stage in street clothes. If you didn’t want me to go upstairs to my room and change before accepting my award you shouldn’t take 2-3 hrs to deliberate. I appreciate and understand how hard judging can be (I’ve been there), but you’re not choosing the next pope for goodness sake and this corset ain’t getting any more comfortable than it’s been the last 4 hours I’ve been backstage in it. Laterz


Darth Maul Star Wars) Makeup Tutorial 

Um hi, I was wondering if it would be ok to ask for your help? I'm trying to learn to sew and got some of the basics down. My issue is I don't know how to make patterns. Right now I'm wanting to make plushies. But I'm not sure how to make a pattern from 2d images. There's no one near me who teaches so I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thank you!

Plush isn’t my main focus personally, but I’ve made a few over the years. I would say if you have a place near you that offers sewing lessons, like a rec center or craft store, it can give you a great foundation to grow from for sure. That being said, patterning is a lot about geometry and how the materials you’re using is going to fall and stretch. A thick denim is going to sit a lot different than a cotton quilting fabric or a stretch knit for example.
I would start with pre-made patterns first, to be able to play with the shapes and see first hand how pieces come together in what ways. All the major companies (Simplicity/Mccalls/etc) have some stuffed animal patterns but there are TONS of books on the subject that range from the traditional teddy to animals to even weird subjects like “orphan sock pals.” I have this book and it’s a really nice selection of cute animals with different shapes. Once you have a few of those under your belt, start experimenting with similar shaped plush that you want to make ^_^ Also experiment with different fabrics to see what you like more to work with. You’ll start noticing shapes of one plush can be a good foundation to tweak for others. Eventually it’ll being becoming second nature to you when you have been doing it enough ^_^

Also you should definitely follow one of my college buddies, Lithe-Fider. She’s the BOMB and is a real master in plush art. She does live chats and webcams sometimes while she’s working too that I’m sure would help to watch ^_^

Where ever you decide to start, don’t give up if your first few aren’t perfect. Sewing and design is a developed skill. Practice and experimentation are the best way to challenge yourself to improve!


I’ve seen a few fashion posts trying to expand the “Marie Antoinette is not Victorian” rant, but this stuff can get complicated, so here is a semi-comprehensive list so everyone knows exactly when all of these eras were.

Please note that this is very basic and that there are sometimes subcategories (especially in the 17th century, Jacobean, Restoration, etc).

Cosplayer Science

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Beginner Cosplayer Expectations


When you are starting to sew and you think it will be like this:


But it turns out more like this:


Awesome Batwoman cosplay! :) Amazing work!

You’re so sweet, thank you very much <3

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Batwoman from the Bombshell Variant Cover Series by DC Comics.
Completed: August 2014

This costume was a 2 weeks before the con, spur of the moment decision. I really wanted something comic related to wear for Boston Comic Con but something I could do things in since I was only going on Sunday.
I’m in LOVE with “A League of their Own” and a fan of the bat universe so Batwoman it was.

I had bought a red, lace front wig on clearance from HairwigHarlem.com (can’t say enough about this place, it’s awesome) a few weeks before which ended up being perfect. I was almost stumped by the hat since the original art has a pretty short brim but found an “umpire” hat was just right so I ordered that and added the red bat and the “ears” that are twill with thin foamie in the middle for support.The dress is black twill, fully lined in a thin, bright red cotton for comfort and style. The skirt is a full circle skirt attached to the double breasted top. The chest piece is 3 layers of heat n bonded fabric together to mimic her symbol AND the old uniform patches the teams would wear. I decided against writing since I thought it might look too busy. The buttons I had hanging around and there is a hidden button on my other shoulder to keep the flaps from shifting. The back is all red satin attached with heat n bond.The belt and gloves I bought as well as some black baseball tall socks and some little black ked-like sneakers. I’m not a hug fan of my sneakers though and as much as I wanted the costume to look more realistic I might buy some wedged sneakers for next time since they make my legs look nicer *vanity over practicality*

Last but not least is the bat. That was originally a bright orange, whiffle bat from the dollar store. I sanded it, painted it with acrylic and did the detailing black by hand with an ink pen. The handle is brown bias tape I had laying around that I glued and wrapped around the handle after it was dry. I wanted it to be con and travel safe even though it was still a smidge too short for my liking. I might make a new one with a longer bat sometime soon, but it did what it was supposed to so I’m pretty happy with it ^_^

Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Completed: August 2014

I made this as a commission for someone’s daughter. She wanted to make sure the top covered well since she was a young teen and Esmeralda can get kinda busty in some scenes. I added some clear straps she can take off if she so desires. The entire outfit is casa satin from Joann Fabrics and Crafts. The full circle skirt is made with the “wrong” side of the fabric to give a visual difference between the darker purple wrap skirt. The skirt also has hidden pockets to hold anything she might need. The white petticoat is attached to the purple skirt so it’s easy to wear but is it’s own full circle skirt so when she spins it will be independent of the top skirt.

The wrap skirt is dark purple casa with hand made gold casa bias tape and foamie “coins.” It’s made to tie around her waist over the underbust cincher.

The underbust “corset” is boned in the lining and the tie up back with grommets are hand hammered in there. It’s not made to “hold in” anything just to look smooth across her middle. The piping is all hand made with gold casa satin. (I used the Simplicity 1558 for this and it was really easy to work with. Didn’t have to do much adjusting really. I DID cut the middle piece to fit the piping in there though)

The top is white casa satin with elastic armbands and a custom collar. It also features removable clear straps and a “nude” colored spandex panel in the front. (I used the Simplicity 3618 for this but didn’t really follow the directions after I cut out the pieces really. The top edge is not elasticated in mine)

I also made the hair tie out of hot pink casa but didn’t take a photo of that ^_^

Want to commission one from me? Check me out here on Etsy


Finally perfected my shell necklaces to include LEDs! The LED is placed inside the plastic shell while molding and has an easy twist on/off switch so you can steal everyone’s voice with one finger swipe

Also, they’re completely water proof!

Want one?

2014 SALE!
Use “SPOOKY14" in the coupon box at checkout to receive free shipping! Works on anything over $19.99 in my shop too!
Offer expires on October 31st, 2014!

Isabella (Paradise Kiss)
Cosplayer // Photographer

At Ctcon my friends of Dear Dahlia Designs were getting a group together of Paradise Kiss. I ended up digging out Isabella from 2010 to help complete the group. I didn’t get to walk around very long with them before having to go do presentation judging for the masq, but it was fun to walk around with everyone and get some photos ^_^ The buckle from the original wearing was sacrificed to the cosplay-gods a long time ago and I didn’t have time to replace it sooo oh well. Everything else came out of storage well ^_^ Also, definitely styled that wig in the hotel room at like 11:30pm half asleep before going to bed… so I’m glad I was having one of those “coming up Milhouse” kinda moments.

If you’ve never read Paradise Kiss, do it NOW. It’s only 5 volumes, so it’s not a huge time commitment, but totally worth it. (then watch the anime)


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