Because we love you, you get a second tutorial today. Spiking 101!


How to thicken a wig by combining two wigs by ~AnimeAngelCosplay

I was checking around in my cosplay page to see if I had been tagged in anything lately (since facebook doesn’t like to tell you if your fanpage was tagged for some reason) and I found this comment from Aug 2013. Didn’t know I could be complimented and dissed in the same sentence, but this IS the interwebs.

When I was in high school, this probably would have hurt me. I, like all teen girls were/are, could be really driven down by fat-shaming and slut-shaming in this anonymous technological world we live in. You know what, I’m a 27 year old woman who is successfully employed after obtaining the BFA of her dreams with hard work and dedication and I’m married to the most wonderful person in the world to me. I love what I do, live near the beach, have a wonderful, supportive group of friends and enjoy my life to the fullest. My body is my own and not anyone else’s business. Everyday I take time to better myself but I’m a pretty confident person and I think it shows in that photography truthfully. I won’t wait to start enjoying my life until I’m an “appropriate” size according to others and I sure as hell won’t leave fleeting comments on photos of strangers to make myself feel better. My best advice to Millie would be to get off the internet and go find a hobby that raises your self esteem without the need to lower anothers’ in the process.

Thanks to Shannon of Geek Ecentric for havin’ a fellow geek’s back

Also, Laurel is an amazing photographer you should follow her.



Standing Ruff Tutorial.  This is for the ruff only, the wire support is not included (I didn’t take pics while I made that) 
The crinoline I use is not the same as tulle.  It’s found in the utility fabric section at Joanns.
This is a great tool for calculating the yardage you will need.

This is my first sewing tutorial…and my first video tutorial.  so sorry in advance is it’s hard to follow.  The video is especially rough, but it come with bonus cat time.

I tried to make one these once and I failed so hard core so now im reblogging because this is MAGIC and someone out there will need this as bad as I did.



Found this online. Great for those who are drafting hoods.

Hoods are one of those finicky things to draft if you never drafted hoods before.

Example Cosplay: Attack on titan capes

I find this more revolutionary than I probably should, given the number of hoods I’ve sewn over the years. But it’s like world is a whole lot clearer now!

On Math and Cosplay


An area I would like to cover should I wade back into my thesis subject matter: sexism and perceived ability in cosplay. Drafting is an exacting skill, and the small fluctuations can throw off a piece, especially when dealing with pieces that require pleats, matching plaids and…

Appreciation Post: The skirt of Anna’s ball dress


If anyone ever asks me what my biggest accomplishment in life is, I’ll show them this picture. 

I cried a little when I ironed this and realized I got them perfect on the first go. 

Also i’m making a Robe a L’anglaise and the entire bodice is striped and has to line up perfectly.

that is like sewing porn, it’s beautiful


Sailor Moon cosplayers + Sailor Moon cosplay patterns in Cosmode, March 2014

I wish my sewing machine wasn’t in another country. I want to try the pattern so bad! 


Tutorial: Biast Tape Trim via Hong Kong Finish

Click here to view this tutorial!

If you have a project where you want to put double folded bias tape at the edge of your coat or neck line or sleeves or whatever, but don’t want to top stitch the entire bias tape down or spend the hours hand stitching a back seam? Then this tutorial is for you! 

The Hong Kong Finish is a semi-hidden seam finish that can be used on bias tape to make a clean seam on your front, while using tight stitching of similar colors to hide away a back stitch. Much faster than hand stitching and still gives you a much cleaner finish than top stitching!


The Corset’s Effect

Photo Credits: 

1. corset, 1750-75, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Fiodorovna by Alexander Roslin, 1777

2. corset, 1839-41, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | Marquise de Béthisy as Orientalin, 1833

3. corset, 1810-50, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | Portrait of Charlotte and Elizabeth Sullivan, daughters of Sir Richard Sullivanby Reinagle Ramsay Richard, 1810

4. corset, 1909, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | photograph, c. 1910-13

5. corset, by Maison Léoty, 1891, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | A Bar at the Folies-Bergere by Edouard Manet, 1882

6. corset, c. 1876, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | On the Thames by James Tissot, c. 1874

7. corset, by Worcester Corset Company, c. 1898, from Metropolitan Museum of Art | Mrs. Ralph Curtis by John Singer Sargent, 1898

Please don’t remove the credits. 








This is an Anthony Misiano as the Joker post.

Keep moving along there.

Best cosplay in the history of cosplay

next level shit

Best Joker cosplayer.

Good God, this goes beyond cosplay. Hollywood is missing a bet here. Couldn’t you just see that last GIF as the final sequence for a Batman movie trailer? Coming soon to a theater near you….

The ability to do this sort of transformation with makeup and lighting goes right back to Lon Chaney (The Phantom of the Opera) and Conrad Veidt (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari) )and the transformation stays right there in front of the camera the whole time.

He’s starring in an upcoming webseries called The Batman Chronicles. Check out the trailer here

yes yes and yes

A Public Plea for "Cosplay Recovery Lounges"


Cosplay is a ton of work, and a cosplayer’s worst nightmare is having something go wrong at con. I’ve had minor panic attacks when a vital piece snaps off during the con after months of prep work. :(

On top of that, we’ve all had stressful moments were we just need to have a breather, grab a…

I think it’s nice if a con has the resources to offer an emergency repair station/room, but if I have something that is going to be a pain to wear, get in or out of or if I want to change into more than one thing a day I either get a room, just deal with it or I’ll pick the costume that works with my day plan. Going to a local con for the day with no where to change? Might not me the best day to lug that giant hoopskirt/armor you can only stand for 2hrs to the con. Pick something you can spend hours in or become comfortable changing in a bathroom or car. Cosplay is a choice and so are the situations you put yourself in when you wear it. If you want to prevent any possible way for there to be a photo of yourself sitting, relaxing or eating in a costume (and don’t want to get a hotel room) then go find a corner/stairwell/parking lot/etc to hide in. I’ve done it in a pinch when I wanted to stuff something in my mouth without having to go to the hotel.

The best advice while cosplaying at a con:


Friday going to Katsucon followed by Sunday after driving home.

Hey so Katsucon 2014 is in a few days and I forgot to post stuff from Arisia 2014! Here is some highlights of my costumes I wore there. I did Magic Knight Rayearth with Elly~Star and Yunalala for the masquerade ^_^ We won best resin work in the Master category.
Also, like usual, I totally forgot to bring Mokona… lol (I’m a terrible fangirl sometimes)

I rewore Ariel which was for about an hour on Saturday night with Akane Saotome as Vanessa. Mostly goofed off and killed The Batman with my giant skirt.

I also debuted a new costume, Ozma from the OZ book series on Saturday. This costume is so freakin’ comfortable and I was super surprised how recognized it was at the con.

Kinda sad I didn’t get a shot of the back with my gold ribbons and train, but there is always next time. I need to repair her a smidge because some giant, tall dude with a box in his hands stepped on the side my train (not behind me but to the side) and made me yank back/sideways with the worst seam popping sound ever. (thankfully it didn’t finally pop completely until the moment I walked in the hotel room) I was in a crowded area and I should have held my train, I know that, but what he did after it happened really got to me. I was pretty visible upset when I looked up at this guy since this costume represented a lot of work and love I had put into this garment after hours and hours. The doof just smiled and said “oh man, sorry about that, isn’t it good luck to get stepped on like that though?” I just looked at him thinking *are you kidding me… if I knocked that box out of your hands and said the same thing to you, I don’t think you’d be laughing, dickbutt* but all I could muster was an angry “NO, no it’s not good luck!” while trying to check to see if everything was ok. He just bounced off like nothing happened…

Yes it was my fault for not thinking to pick up my train, but when you step on someone, especially in a costume, at the very least, pretend like you’re genuinely sorry about it.